Fokker 100 regional jet

The Fokker 100 ís a regional jet in service with over 40 operators worldwide. The Fokker 100 was manufactured during 1988 through to 1996 and a total of 278 were built.

Prevailing market conditions have made a number of Fokker 100 aircraft available at affordable prices or monthly lease rentals. Favorable operating expenses and substantial revenue potential combine to make the economics of the Fokker 100 very compelling. The Fokker 100 is the natural successor of the F-28 Fellowship and is formally certified as the F-28 Mk0100. 

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FLYFokker for economic sense

The operation of the Fokker 100 is supported by FLYFokker, our full-service Life Cycle Support program. FLYFokker comprises a package of four solutions: Take Off, Take Care, Take Over and Take Next.

Start-up operators can Take Off with their operation in six weeks instead of typically six months. For mature Fokker operators Take Care is a complete solution to increase Technical Dispatch Reliability (TDR), reduce Direct Operating Cost (DOC) and improve passenger comfort. Operators moving to other aircraft types are supported by Fokker Services in the Take Over of the continued competitive operation of their Fokker fleet. The fourth solution is a package for the mean and lean transfer of aircraft to the next operator, entitled Take Next.

Choosing Fokker makes economic sense. This is what existing and start-up operators are saying. Over 200 airlines and operators fly Fokker aircraft. Fokker Services continuously invests in supporting over 600 flying Fokker aircraft across the world for decades to come. For Continued Competitive Operation.